Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

Is it just me or is this renovation starting to feel like we’ve been whittling for the last eight months? I wish I had kept a list of every single thing that has been done since day one. I should have just added to the list every day before I went over to the house. It would have been: run electrical for the living room, run water lines to main laundry room, get the main vent stack through the roof and finished etc etc and it would be shockingly LONG, even to me. I have tunnel vision in a way, and it’s probably a good thing, I try real hard to just keep my head down, focus on the list, get one thing done and move on to the next thing so that the pure scope of it all doesn’t overwhelm me. So, suddenly, I finally got all of the plumbing and electrical run/done this last weekend. I will never have to run another electrical line and I even got our pressure tank hooked up and I found out that our well is working wonderfully! But I have not yet run the water into the house yet… it was -2 out this morning and until I get a couple more heaters installed in the house I’m not going to take the chance of pipes freezing. Oh, and we got my tub installed this weekend too 🙂


This double slipper pedestal tub was my one big “splurge” just for me. I figured this will probably be the only tub I will ever have in my life and Joe said that I deserved it after all of this. Wow, that felt good to get done! I still have to install it’s faucet before I can call the plumbing truly and completely “done” but I’m going to do that this evening after work. We also have to install the tub/shower combo in the basement (but all that plumbing is done) – hopefully Joe will help me get that done pretty soon. I’ve darned near run out of plumbing and electrical to do! That’s just amazing to me! I have all of our breakers to pop in and our panels to label still but there’s no rush on that until we get the rest of our ceilings and walls done. Joe has been working tirelessly on sheet rocking the entire house, the man is simply amazing!

pic2 copy

So, what’s next you ask? What else is there to be done? While Joe is sheet rocking and doing the walls (and I’m waiting for a little warmer weather to turn the water on) I’m looking forward to doing some fiddling about the house tying up more loose ends. There are some patches in the floor to make in the entry way and then I need to go have a look at the wood flooring my dad offered us to see if there is even enough of it to do the entryway/dining room. I also have to do a far better job on the staircase going to the basement as when I put the thing back together after Joe had to tear it out to get the tub/shower combo down there I really did a pretty shoddy job just to get it done. It is also about time to start taping and mudding the sheet rock (I can’t believe I’m excited about that!) so we are truly on our way! I said the other day that in a ten mile race it feels like we’re at about mile marker 8.5 or maybe a little closer though at this point I’m walking and not running anymore!


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