Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

So, after one last freeze attempt to kill all of my mother’s flowers I do believe we are finally over the hump and spring is finally here for good! We have been planning on a weekend when my mom and her man would be able to help us get the new horse fence up. The weekend finally came and Joe called me when he got off early from work on Friday and met me at our fleet supply store to pick up fence posts. With the torrential crazy amounts of rain we’ve been getting over the last two weeks we were able to get the fence posts in the ground with just a few wacks of our fence post pounder. In less then two hours we had all the posts in!

100 year old barn and horse fence

From there we grabbed all of the red fencing and was just started on it when my mom got off work. Another hour and the three of us had the red fence up! The next day Joe and I got up early and ran all of the white tape/fencing around the whole pasture, attaching it to the posts. I can’t wait to bring my horses over here and have them finally with me and home after a whole year of them being somewhere else. A few runs of fence and suddenly the farm yard looks alive. It seems like even the barn looks better and is waking up to the wonderful idea of having animals and people with it again.

blooming in minnesota

Last weekend my mom and I transplanted my peonies from her old house. Initially they were my grandma’s peonies and had run along the entire south side of the house. Now, we brought them back where they belonged and put them beside my fence. They look really good and I can’t wait for them to bloom again! We also moved a big head of rhubarb over as well as transplanted a bunch of it from different places on our farm to along the fence line. Some of the rhubarb looks a little sad because we moved it too late, but it is a very hardy plant and I’m not at all worried about it coming back next year. With spring finally here it is astounding just how much good stuff is growing and blooming around here! Our lilac bushes are opening their blossoms as I type this and their scent remains one of my very favorite things in this world. We have four big lilac bushes around the farm and I feel wonderfully spoiled by that fact.

thorn apples in minnesota

MANY MANY years ago my grandma planted a whole bunch of thorn apples and their deep red blossoms are just stunning. We also have several crab apple trees around and they are the prettiest thing you could ever hope to see. They fill out with a bounty of white blossoms that bumble bees just love to burrow into. (I LOVE bees and want our own hive some day, for now I refuse to mow our lawn so they have the dandelions for as along as possible) When I need a break on the house I just go out to the yard and smell all of the incredible aromas of spring on a 100 year old farm. My grandma’s two old flower beds are full of irises, peonies, poppies, milk weed and all sorts of other things that are growing in this year like they haven’t grown in for many many years. There is a part of me that believes they are growing in because we are here.

In the house I am still taping and mudding and sanding and then mudding and sanding and then mudding and sanding some more. One more weekend (this coming) Joe will help me finish hanging the last of the sheet rock on the walls and bead board on the ceilings. I have been working every night to get the mudding done so we won’t be waiting on me. Almost there though!


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