Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

I tackled the staining of the floors over two days this week. After work Joe found me just finishing up, taking the stain right out the front door. My poor knees, hands, lungs… ohmygosh everything I have on me hurts and then I had to basically bathe mineral spirits to get it all off of me. That was not a fun job!! However, it was totally worth it. Don’t those floors look incredible?! The next day I got the first coat of poly acrylic done after work on Friday and then Joe joined me later on Saturday to help me finish the second coat.

While I was in the house getting the floors complete on Saturday Joe eventually finished laying down all of the deck boards. Did the deck ended up a tad bigger then I expected? lol yeah, a tad! 700 square feet of decking!? What was I thinking? Of course I was thinking about family and get togethers and birthday parties and late night bon fire and, of course, the wedding too!

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  • JaneEllen says:

    It’s such a delight to meet you Tarah. How wonderful your ideas and attitudes are, scares me to see so many young people living without principles or caring what happens to the world.
    I was raised by depression era parents who knew what it was like to have it hard all their lives. I was born in 1940 and in 1956 was a Junior in high school. My Dad was very sick all thru my high school years while my Mom supported us.No disability in those days.
    My Mom worked 6 days a week and on Sunday made a delicious from scratch dinner. Can still remember fragrance of roast or whatever she was cooking.
    We lost our 22 yr.old grandson to testicular cancer for his 2nd,. time having it last June. I believe because of oil industry and breathing air here plus all the crap in foods is what caused his cancer.Grand Junction, CO and all surrounding areas are about oil and oil products. The cost of living here sure reflects that in ridiculously high prices for everything. Trying to live here on SS is quite difficult. Probably only thing that helps is learning to live as hubs and I both were. If we had known how expensive and about the oil wouldn’t have moved here even tho two youngest kids were here.
    We moved here from western KY area due to my health, climate there not good for asthma, allergies and arthritis. Before KY we lived in MT and still to this day would go back there in heart beat. Was hardest for me to live there as hubs was over road trucker so was alone out on 20 acres but was best thing to ever happen to me, found out what I was made of there. Because of birth defect was raised to think was slow, not able to care for myself or do many things. Ha, was I told wrong.
    Sure found out what I could handle being away from that smothering influence/Mom and allowed to think for myself. Didn’t drive til I was 27, divorced with 3 small children.
    I respect you and your Joe so much. Need many more like you in this world.
    Hope you both have wonderful weekend

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