Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

I got so behind here! *smacks her own hand* predictably my busyness with the house and also my day job as well as my web design business (Web Services of Park Rapids) has left me at a dead run trying to get everything done, in the end it means such things as this blog and my own personal blog ( have been put on the back burner. So, without further procrastination, we finally got our enormous dead tree taken down!

And AWAY from the house it goes! That beast has been a product of much anxiety on my part, as we just got the roof shingled and it was leaning that way. It’s amazing how much time we can spend worrying about something and then five minutes is all it takes to care of the problem. One worry we had was that it was quite rotten and it would break at the point where Joe had it tied but it wasn’t rotten at all and went down in a flash! You can enjoy me and my mom’s commentary as it went. I can’t thank our good friends enough for popping by and helping us take care of it! With it down and gone Joe grabbed the panels of chain link fence that my mom gave us and finished the dog kennel off, meeting it up to the privacy fence he finished a couple of weeks ago! (pics of that coming soon!)


As a testament to how far I got behind here on this blog much has happened since this tree went down so another blog post is in order right after this one. But I just had to give due credit to this big tree that haunted my dreams for so long! My dad gave Joe and I a chainsaw after this tree went down and Joe spent several hours in the yard taking down dead trees and dealing with dead branches while I worked in the house. At one point this yard was a pristine beauty that my grandparents spent their summers keeping picked up and clean. Since then at least ten years have gone by and there is a lot of dead fall to be taken care of. But, we’re getting there and Joe seems to be enjoying the work and we will have many bonfire this winter in testament to how much work its been! My next post will be about the last two weeks and the plumbing nightmare that has been my life – which is now thankfully in my past.


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