Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

Joe and I had ourselves a three day weekend over these past few days and got so much done on the house but, the truth is, I only really want to tell you about one thing: WE HAVE WATER!!! AND WE EVEN HAVE HOT WATER TOO!! With the weather in our favor now I couldn’t put it off anymore after literally over a hundred hours I spent running water and drain lines this past winter it was finally time to turn the breaker on that powered our well. There were a few leaks and Joe helped me over the course of a couple of hours to fix them all. All of the leaks were on brass threaded fittings and it was always the case that I just hadn’t been strong enough to get them screwed on tight enough by myself. So: I finally found a situation where I truly needed a guy’s strength dammit. But, Joe was there so we got them all fixed 🙂 He talked me into getting our on demand hot water heater hooked up too so I’m now practically finished with all of our electrical as well (not including hooking lights up). After so much worry that I was almost sick the lack of leaks absolutely astonished me. Joe hugged me and said, “I knew you did good!” At least one of us has faith in me!

Getting the water running during the renovation of a 100 year old farm house

With the water running now and the leaks fixed we can finally close all of our walls up and truly finish sheet rocking! Also, since I last updated here, Joe finished the chimney on the second floor (in our master bedroom) as well as the chimney in the living room. We attacked several of our ceilings, including the stairwell ceiling (dangerous business) and we’re down to just a few more sheets and all of our ceilings on the main and second floor will be done!

bead board and chimney rock

We took our last trip to Menards in Detroit Lakes for bead board and sheet rock on the main and second floors of the house and I can’t tell you how good it felt to unload that for the last time until after we move in! I would say I am about 50% with mudding and taping being complete throughout the second and main floors. We still have some sheet rocking to do and we still have a bit more bead board on the ceilings to put up as well, however, we’re about 85% there with all of that. This week it is time for me to get back to taping and mudding and I’m almost looking forward to it because we’re getting so close to trim and paint!


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