Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

This last Saturday I sanded down my last mud/tape line and put my sheet rock tools in the garage! Wowser I am done with sheet rock on the two main levels of the house! All of the bead board ceilings are done as well except for the master bathroom which remains open so we can cut a hole in the side of the house for the bathroom vent. (Should have that done by this next weekend.) We went to Menards and picked up 140 1x4x12s for the floors (to be put down in guest room and the entry/dining room after we paint) and we also picked up 120 1x4x8s to use for trim. As of right now, we have used over 100 of them and are not even half way with the house! I decided on the plain 1x4s for trim because it felt more in keeping with the house. Over the tops of the exterior doors I’ll be using 1x6s and all of the top trim of all of the doors and windows will over hang 2 inches past either side. I rather hate it right now as I also rather hate the bead board right now because I don’t like knotty pine and I just cannot wait to paint it!!! Right now all that wood is so busy its almost hard to look at! However, it sure does look amazing to have trim 😀

bead board and trim ceilings


When Joe is here to help I’ve been finding random things to do around the house. We only have one air compressor and one brad nailer and though trim is not always a one person job most of the time it is. Case and point: He has now finished trimming out the entry/dining room, the living room, the kitchen, guest bedroom and the main floor bathroom already! Meanwhile I’ve filled all of the screw holes in the bead board (before we realized we could use the brad nailer to put it up we used screws… ugh) as well as all of the itty bitty holes from the brad nailer in the window casings with wood putty. No, I’m not getting on a ladder and filling all of those tiny nails on the ceilings but I will do the window and door casings because those a person will actually see. I also patched the floor and took up a good pair of gloves, a scraper, a hammer and a bag of steel wool and scraped off the two full walls of old outside siding that are now in the interior of our house. Sorry, no pictures of that today but you’ve seen it before, it is 100 year old hard wood siding in our entry and out in the hall, guest bedroom and my office. It was incredibly nasty, especially the part that was out in the screened-in porch for the last 100 years *shudders* but now it looks far better and we’re even debating on leaving it in the old white/gray paint patina and not painting it… we shall see.

bead board and window trim in a 100 year old farm house

All that is left to trim/finish now is the office, the hall, the stairwell and the second floor (the master) I plan on doing that after work this week. Once the trim is done I’m really looking forward to pulling everything out of the house and cleaning it from top to bottom. Everything right now is still just covered in sheet rock dust, not to mention saw dust and god knows what else kind of dust still left in this old house. Once the big clean is done we’re going to cover the floors with plastic (or something) and tape off everything we don’t want painted and that includes: windows, doors, beams and a bunch of other stuff. From there we’re going to rent a sprayer for the weekend and Joe and I are going to take shifts priming the entire house one Saturday (all of the walls, ceilings and all of the trim that is up which includes the window casings) and then taking shifts spraying (painting) all of the ceilings and trim the next day in a good flat white. From there we’re going to tape off the ceilings/trim and roll the wall paint on. And then, we need to put down the floors in the guest room and the entry/dining room and finish all of the floors in the house to match. And then we’re going to put down our baseboards and do all of our door trim… Oh and then we move in 😀


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