Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

This is my second post today as I got behind and we’ve gotten so much done in the house the past couple of weeks. I understand now why in those renovation shows they usually show it done one room at a time, though the whole house is done the whole house at a time lol. However it is difficult to break the work up room by room and show it like that. We got some things burned this last weekend. Joe had a three day weekend so I took the time off from work as well and we attacked the wall between the entry way (our future dining room) and the wood shed (our future “mud room/entry way”) turns out the wall between them was not load bearing at all and to make the wood shed another part of the house only requires a floor to be added to the foundation that is already there. I called my brother (a home inspector) and confirmed what I had thought, he told me to get out of the way and tell Joe to swing away with the sledge hammer. I did exactly that and the wall came down very quickly. Before that we took down the ceiling in the entryway and it came down in very quick and similar fashion to the ceiling in the bedroom as it is all part of the old screened in porch so I knew it would be a fantastic vaulted ceiling beneath it. No pics of after the ceiling came down, I made short work of the clean up and started in on the wall. I’ve filled the dumpster twice now.


In my last post I showed the pics of the 2nd floor before mom and I cleaned it out – this was the big job we did last weekend that I didn’t get posted until today. We finished the gutting out of the 2nd floor this last weekend (our future master bed and bathroom) there was still a ton of little lath that needed to be taken out and a certain amount of insulation etc. One more big clean up and we won’t be dealing with the nasty insulation anymore! The whole house is a total mess, my goal this week is the clean up crew (mom and I) to get over there and vacuum, clean and get the whole place feeling good again. Plans are moving forward with the garage as we have no storage space right now and it is really starting to crimp our style! As soon as we get the garage up we can get all of the random shit out of the house (kitchen stove, refrigerator, dryers and washers, large sofa, closet doors and a ton of cabinets – all in our way right now) for right now the goal for this week is to get the random shit out to the the screened-in-porch and everything that needs to go to the dump or be burned totally out of the fricking house regardless if there is room in the dumpster.

The demo of the house is almost complete, the sub floors (and fifty years of linoleum and carpet) need to be ripped out of the kitchen and the living room – with that done I can move the cast iron tub and put it in its new home and get the new bathroom framed in along with everything else that needs to be framed in and I can build the new staircase. Hopefully in that same time we’ll have the garage up and we can get the basement cleared out so we can get that framed in as well. A new sub pump and lift system is going to need to be put in and a very certain amount of jack hammering will need to be done to put in the new drains for the basement bathroom, laundry and kitchen. We are really starting to get there!!

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