Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

With the floors sanded down and the deck almost done last weekend I tackled the staining of the floors as my project after my day job every day for the week. We chose the dark walnut stain by minwax and I armed myself with a brush and a dozen old tshirts and I got to work. Eight hours later my knees were black and blue, I was covered in stain and I was also out of stain with another 500 square feet left to go. I bought more stain, ran out again (with twenty feet left to go… argh!!) and then finally finished staining last Thursday night after work.

Finished original floors

My back hurt, my knees hated me and I never wanted to hold a paint brush again so I decided I would put the poly down with a roller to save my body. I started on Friday after work and, after three hours, I finished the entire house with the first coat of poly. At first we had thought we would use a satin poly for the floors but ended up with a semi gloss and are really happy with how it turned out! Joe grabbed a roller and helped me apply another coat throughout and we liked the look so much we quit with that. Now, I know, most people would have recommended we do at least one more coat of poly but we did not want the floors smooth, slippery or shiny looking. We had no intention of our old floors looking new again (they never would, you can see how many marks, dents and patches there are) we even did all we could to make sure the new pine floors that we added looked as much like the old floors as possible.

original floors dark walnut stain

The dark stain was a hard choice for us but what ultimately made us choose to go dark was two major factors. First factor was that we have three different types of wood floors in our house. The kitchen and entire second floor (the master suite) are in cedar, the living room (and main floor bathroom) are oak and our extra bedroom, our new staircase and entry way/dining room are in new pine. That is some seriously different shades of wood right there. The second reason was the original floors (especially the cedar in the kitchen) are in really bad shape with several patches where the old bathroom used to be and I knew that if we just poly’ed them those patches would stand out like sore thumbs. So, we went dark. I personally love dark floors so it was an easy choice for me and Joe agreed and we both absolutely love them! In fact, we are both a bit speechless, I think they’re just gorgeous.


With the floors done by Saturday night we moved on to other things on Sunday. It was hot, we were both incredibly sore from all the work we did on the floors so, admittedly, we moved pretty slow. I got started out in our barn painting the 1x4x12s we had leftover from the floors while Joe finished the deck. It is, truly, our massive dance floor. It ended up bigger then my calculations had anticipated but neither of us regret it at all. We’ll spend countless hours out there all summer long and (not to mention) where we will be married here in only a month and a half! I still have to build a staircase for it and we will have to cover the bottom with lattice and still put up the railings but, otherwise, it is done! Joe started in on the base trim with the 1x4s I painted and I just kept painting all that long hot day. I am SO SO SO tired of holding a paint brush. By next weekend we should have the majority of the house cleaned (so much cleaning, where does all the dirt come from!?), most of the base boards done and all of the touch up paint done. Last (oh but not least) we still have to patch and paint the back hall and my office floors before we can trim there but, once that’s done… I guess we’ll have to move in 🙂

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