Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

Okay so, this is going to become my dream office 🙂 I’ve never had an office of my own before, let alone the chance to ever design one from scratch. As you might imagine, I have some serious plans. I am going to wire up the closet to accommodate a network printer as well as my router etc. This closet will also have some hanging space as I don’t have a tall enough closet upstairs that can house my dresses. Stop gaping, I know it’s shocking, but I do actually own a few dresses.


This is the real-deal screened-in porch right now, the place where my mom and her sister spent countless summers sleeping in the cool breezes of northern Minnesota, and listening to the frogs and crickets. There is no basement under this room and the ceilings are vaulted. The walls are basically framed in, they just need to be finished. This kind of room excites me because there is very little tearing down to do before we can move right on to the finishing. Like all of the screened-in porch the floors are already ancient, awesome, hard wood but it is only one layer, so I have to cover them up 🙁 Where I need to add flooring I’m going to do something very unconventional (I’m sure you’re shocked) I’m going to buy solid oak plywood and rip it down to plank size (I’m thinking 4-6 inches wide) and tack it down, sand it, stain it, seal it and call it a hard wood floor. Sure beats the “wood floor” they sell for $5 a square foot. This may be the only room on the main floor that gets a different paint color then the rest… I like the idea of a robin’s egg blue/green for this room…

Remodeling an old farm house - creating a beautiful office space.

The built-ins are years down the line when the house is complete and I’m bored, but I am very excited about them nonetheless as I have not yet built anything like that from scratch.


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