Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

Our beautiful original floors!

A new deck in an old house!

Dream in color! All of the painting is done and Grandma’s flowers are blooming!

Painting the ceilings and trim flat white!

Priming a whole house!

Sheetrock finished now on to trim!

Us and the house so far!

Spring is here and we finished the horse fence!

We have running water and all of our ceilings almost done!

The finished rock on the front of the house and Joe starting on the chimney inside!

More taping and mudding and also some new rock!!

Taping and mudding and drywalling all the live long day

A controlled burn, taping and mudding and a vanity created!

More siding and more spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation and a wood stove!

I’ve started on the electrical!

Joe’s getting the garage done and the plumbing continues…

Welcome to my hell

More of the dead tree…

Putting up a new garage and installing new doors and windows

The Yard and saying goodbye to an old garage…

The Dungeon

????? – June 3rd

Days 21-3,000…. May 10th – May 19th 2014

Days 11-20 pictures – Taken April 21st-May 4th 2014

Days 6-10 pictures – Taken April 16th-20th 2014

Days 4-5 pictures – Taken April 9th-10th 2014

Days 1-3 pictures – Taken April 4th-6th 2014

Before pictures – Taken April 3rd 2014

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