Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

The living room took the most hits in the remodel when it came to space. The staircase had to elbow over into it and the main bathroom had to go somewhere so it was the living room who gave up the space to accommodate it. The living room is also the darkest room in the house and it always has been. In fact the entire house is dark (and always has been) and always will be to some extent. The east face of the house is a yard full of mature pines and oaks, blocking a ton of sun, it is the same on the west face and the south face. I will be taking out some trees as some of them are dead and need to come out and also, I really like sun and I hate how dark this house has always been.


The only outside wall in this room is the east wall and, right now, it holds an enormous picture window I spent many a day of my childhood gazing out of. It will be replaced by sliding glass doors that go out to the deck.

Remodeling an old farm house - creating a modern living room in an old space. 3d image.

You can see the wood stove in the kitchen in the 3d image and in the plan image you can see the not-so-wide entry that separates the kitchen and living room. I do not like how closed off the living and kitchen are – there is also basically nothing I can do about it so I’ve already come to terms as (once again) there was just no other place to put the main bathroom. The staircase goes up to the master bedroom. Like with all of my rooms the floors will be salvaged and kept, stained dark and sealed. The trim will be white. The ceilings will be bead board and white and the walls will be sheet rock and a light gray/blue. The blue couch in the plan (and very likely the one we will be using) was my grandma’s, the “coffee table” was built by my grandma and grandpa for me when I was little and is cedar lined (love it) and the entertainment center is from the grandma on my other side (my dad’s mother), I received it in her passing and am refinishing it now with black stain.


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