Renovating the 100 year old farm house my mom grew up in – making it a place for us to grow old in.

UPDATE 10/26/16 – I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we got moved in and got married! Thank you all still for coming back and reading about our whole renovation! The current site is at if you’re curious about what we’re up to now. Goodness knows, a house is never really done is it!? lol

So, Joe and I survived sheet rocking together and will be moving in soon so now I guess I have to fulfill my part of the deal and marry him (*teehee*). We started this renovation in April of 2014 and anything worth doing will not be easy and that statement may never be more true then when you’re talking about a home renovation. Joe and I did 98% of the work ourselves, we gutted the entire house, took down walls/put up new walls, installed all new plumbing for three bathrooms and two kitchens, installed all of the new electrical throughout all three stories, covered the ceilings in bead board and the walls in sheet rock, installed our new wood stove and replaced all of the windows by installing sixteen new windows and we also installed six new exterior doors! Our basement is far from complete but once it is done we will have added over 900 square feet to the house. We also added a 800 square foot deck and put up a new two car garage! Not to mention, we also primed and painted everything, laid new floors and refinished the floors that were here and installed all of the new trim and baseboards throughout. There is still much to do before we will actually move in but in comparison to what we have already done our list of to-dos seems almost piddly. We have almost all of our appliances now, they’re scratched and dented but brand new and were only half the cost. We’re now just waiting on our stove to arrive.

house renovation

I have never felt so old or so weary or so happy in my entire life. Joe and I never talk about our past but every great now and again I think of something from before we started renovating my grandma’s house and before we were together and it feels like a nightmare a lifetime ago. This is all that we’ve been doing for the last fifteen months. Almost every day after work I’ve gone to the house and almost every single weekend of the last fifteen months I’ve spent exclusively at the house. I cant wait to build our kitchen cabinets, install our vanities and all the rest of our lights and then there is always the basement . . . we’re just gonna shut that door for a bit and take ourselves a break from sheet rocking (and our backs (and my tennis elbows) say Thank You) but it will get done. We have the pressure of the wedding that’s going to be in this backyard in only a few weeks and that will have us still working probably up until the very last minute. Joe looked at me the other day and said, “You did such an insane amount of work, Baby, you’re incredible.” I only feel incredible when he is beside me otherwise I feel tired and just hope, all the time, that I did it all right. I have had full days working on the house where nothing I did seemed right and he scowled at me and said, “I hate it when you doubt yourself.” I have never in my life ever had anyone who believed in me so completely. Neither of us would have ever been able to do this without the other one.

horses and day lillies

You’re not going to see me here for a while now, as we need to finish several things so we can move in and we also need to take ourselves a short but much deserved break. We’re gonna get our stuff in here and I’m going to reacquaint myself with the 90% of my earthly possessions that have been in storage since last June. But, mostly, after we move in, we’re going to sit, we’re going to cuddle and we’re going to spend one whole day in our socks wandering around in awe that this beautiful place is really ours. We’re gonna sleep in our master bedroom and I’m going to soak in my one splurge that I got just for me: the double slipper bath tub in the master bathroom. We’re gonna wake up and go make coffee for the first time in our kitchen. I’m going to make Joe breakfast for the first time and he’s going to fight me because he’ll want to make breakfast for me instead and we’ll compromise by just doing it together. We’re just going to BE. With that incredible future so close I know we’ll have the energy to get there in the next few weeks. I know I’m being very cruel with the lack of photos! We’re close but it’s not time yet for the before and afters 😉 So, I’ll see you guys on the other side, I have a surprise for you that I can’t wait to unveil!

Joe and Ta
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